Our Story

Sara Pfau
started her Lake George Jewelry in 2007, creating jewelry designs from her own map drawings. She
 had traveled to Europe and visited Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Remembering having an uncanny feeling that it was just like Lake George, and remembering feeling homesick, she decided to make something with Lake George on it.
In 2011
her brother Domenick had Sara's design of Lake George tattooed down his spine for a year before he thought to put the same design on a tank top (pictured right).

Childhood best friends
Domenick Pfau and Matthew Peterson together began to design tank tops and sell them out of the trunks of their cars, garages and dorm rooms. The profits? That was their beer money for the summer. Little did they know that the design and products they were creating were about to become very popular. Throughout college, both attending the University of South Carolina, their product line increased and so did their following. Upon graduation, they both turned down job offers in the "real world" and decided to follow their dreams.
was opened in the summer of 2014. While still screenprinting and operating themselves, and with an inventory of only about a dozen individual products, Local was quickly becoming one of the most popular stores in Bolton Landing. 
Local has grown to hire several sales associates, sponsor brand ambassadors along the east coast, ship their products across the country, and have had their customers bring Local all over the world.
We don't know where exactly we'll end up and we couldn't be more excited to find out.
After all, some wise words on the bottom of a beer bottle cap once told us:
"The journey is the destination."